You have no idea for a personal, practical and charming gift? Create a diaper cake yourself. Decorative baking from pampers, baby clothes and other baby gadgets in terms of sweets matches the greatest confectionery masterpieces. And it’s very practical. Freshly baked parents will find in it many small things useful in the daily care of the newborn baby. What’s more, you can match the decorations to your child’s sex to personalize your gift even more. How to make a diaper cake?

How to make a cake from diapers

Diaper cake can be easily bought in baby stores or online. However – if we only have some time – we can do it ourselves. It is not complicated, you just need to know what effect you want to achieve and get the right materials.

diapers cake

First of all, we need to know what our diaper cake should look like. We can make it from “pampers” alone, we can integrate other small things into it. Our cake may resemble this occasional cake, but it doesn’t have to be. Diapers can be formed into any shape, the limit is our imagination (in the gallery you can see the diaper snail). Once we have determined what our gift for the child (and his parents) should look like, we need to gather the necessary materials. 

They will be useful:

  • disposable diapers – it’s best to opt out of the smallest size that your toddler uses relatively shortly. If we are preparing a cake, e.g. for baptisms or the first birthday, it is worth getting “4” or “5” (and it would be best if we ask the parents of the toddler about the size of the diapers the child is wearing). How many diapers do we need? It all depends on how our cake should look, how big it will be. However, it is better to choose larger diaper packs;
  • rubber bands, various types of ribbons and ribbons – which will help us tie diapers and individual segments of our cake;
  • all kinds of decorations – in addition to the ribbons mentioned above, they can be bows, occasional pictures, etc., everything we can decorate our cake with diapers;
  • it is good to wrap the cake, the cellophane foil works best, which can be nicely attached.


  • The first layer is 22 diapers. To make it easier to place the diapers in the middle of the base you can put a milk can (it could be a bottle as well). After stretching the diaper recipe elastic, remove the tin.
  • The second layer is made of 14 diapers. Here, just place the diapers as in the first layer, without having to support the can.
  • The last layer was made of 8 diapers. So that it does not fall apart, put a prescription eraser on it.
  • Cover the rubber bands with ribbons or other decorations. To make the cake floors stick together, all layers will be connected with a ribbon.
  • Decorate the whole with any decorations made of paper or ready-made. You can also put on the cake useful accessories such as wet wipes or a pair of shoes or socks. Pack in foil and cake ready.



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