About Me

I’m Kate Sandy, loving wife to my fabulous husband, and mother to my three amazing kids (ages 12, 8, and 6). Between my homemaking duties and blog posting (fueled by lattes, chocolate, and whatever I might have baked that day), I enjoy getting out in nature, whether that’s in my vegetable garden or the occasional family camping trip.

In my spare time I’ve been learning amateur photography skills, practicing on my guinea pigs (oops, I mean my family) whenever I get the chance…or can make them hold still for me! I’m also working on my writing skills, which is a handy way to stay busy while I wait in the carpool line or at my daughter’s dance class.

For the past year, I’ve been turning our house into a home with a variety of redecorating projects, from trash-to-treasure refurbishing of vintage furniture to adding molding and new paint in every room. I’ve also enjoyed adding many storage solutions in creative ways “if there’s a DIY project out there, chances are, I’ve tried it!

But the most special thing to me is time spent with my family. I spend my Friday nights snuggled on the couch, with fuzzy slippers, popcorn, hot chocolate, and a great family movie. Weekends (when we aren’t running a million errands) may include a family hike or a car trip to the mountains, or maybe just a trip to the local water park. Time spent with my family is precious!

Are you wondering where Peaches and Cake, the name of my blog, came from? It’s a nod to my beloved Grandma, who passed away a few years ago. I spent every summer on her little “homestead,” a five-acre piece of property just outside of town. She had peach and pecan trees, and an incredible vegetable garden that I could only dream of achieving. She was a hard worker, baking fresh bread weekly, and always having some delicious dessert made from scratch on the table each evening, often light, airy, delicious cake.

When I stayed with my Grandma, much of my day was spent harvesting and “putting up” produce from her garden and orchard. Every July was “peach month” to us. I remember the long kitchen table loaded with baskets of fresh peaches, with Grandma and I frantically canning about two-thirds of the sweet bounty as canned peaches or preserves, to be enjoyed throughout the year.

The rest of the peaches were eaten fresh, and we’d spend the next few weeks eating fresh peaches on the porch, or diced up into our morning oatmeal, or best of all, Grandma’s specialty: peach cake with buttercream frosting. The top was decorated with fanned-out slices of peaches, and my favorite thing to do was snatch a piece of peach from the top!

I hope you find my little piece of the blogosphere as welcoming and homey as I found my Grandma’s front porch, and as sweet as my memories of Grandma’s delicious peach cake!