How to recognize that it is pregnancy? Early pregnancy is difficult to detect based on the symptoms alone, without thorough testing, such as a pregnancy test. Often, the symptoms we take for early signs of pregnancy have a different source. Can you be 100% sure without seeing a doctor?

It is theoretically known how fertilization occurs. It is also obvious today that a woman is infertile on most days of the cycle. So why the fears or the great hopes that fertilization could take place during non-sunny days? Many women have irregular cycles, which is not 100% certain in calculating fertile days. There is also a term for delayed ovulation, which does not appear, as usual in the middle of the cycle, but towards the end.

Symptoms that may confuse you

  • Stopping menstruation. This is a basic symptom that makes you think about pregnancy, but it is not always accurate. Menstrual cycle disorders can also result from hormonal imbalances in the body, stressful situations, diets, illness, etc.
  • Enlarged and painful breasts. They may have hormonal disorders.
  • Frequent urination. Of course, it can be associated with the growing uterus, but also with the onset of inflammation of the urinary system.
  • Stomach enlargement. In the case of pregnancy, the abdomen visibly increases around 12-14 weeks. So if a woman has an enlarged belly before, the cause may be malfunctioning internal organs or growing tumors.
  • Feeling movements in the stomach. There is no real chance to feel the baby’s movements immediately after fertilization. The expectant mother waits for the first movements of the baby until about 18 weeks of pregnancy. Earlier movements and sounds coming from inside the abdomen are most likely intestinal work.
  • Tiredness, drowsiness, lack of concentration. This is a common symptom associated with early pregnancy, but it does not in itself indicate a blessed condition. Tiredness or a problem with concentration can appear for many other reasons: problems with blood pressure, overwork, thyroid disorder, etc.
How do you know if your pregnant

What should prompt you to do a pregnancy test?

If you are sexually active and your period is late, you can go to the pharmacy. What’s more, pay attention to how you react to the flavors and smells you know. If the beloved smell of morning coffee makes you sick, there may be something wrong. Also watch your body. After about two weeks from conception, implantation edges may appear. It is much more scanty than a baby. Your body temperature may also change – if you are pregnant, it is higher than usual for 18 days after ovulation.

When to do a pregnancy test?

You can do a pregnancy test about 7-10 days after conception. Making it earlier does not make sense, because 6 days it takes just the wandering of the fertilized egg to the uterus. So it makes no sense to go to the pharmacy earlier. Wait these 10 days.

Pregnancy test – morning or evening?

There is a misconception that a pregnancy test should be done in the morning because hCG concentration is highest in the morning urine. It may indeed matter, but only in the case of very early pregnancy. If the pregnancy test is done in a timely manner after the alleged conception (10 days), it does not matter if it is done in the morning, afternoon or evening.


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