Last year, we decided to host a big bash for all of our friends to help celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. What a great time we all had at the party, and I just love to look back on the fabulous pictures that we got taken at the photo booth.

In fact, our entire party was so much fun that we are thinking about making some annual event out of a summertime bash. After all, why not enjoy all of the sun and fun that we possibly can.

Our friends were all euphoric for the both of us and our time together. When we met, we had both been through some rough times and were not actually thinking about finding long term happiness with someone else. In fact, we were just friends with each other for the first few years that we knew each other.

We talked a lot, and my husband helped me to get through some rough times in my life. As we celebrated the party with our photo booth rental Mi, we looked back on our life together. For us, the changing moment in our relationship involved going to see a new movie together as friends. However, we saw each other with new eyes that night, and the fandom has always been unique to the two of us since then.

So, one of the crazy themes that we used with the photo booth had to do with that type of movie. It was a science fiction thing, so that made for lots and lots of fun in the photo booth for us and for all of our family and friends who have seen our relationship grow together in the years since then.

In fact, we took themes from some of the highlights of our relationship and used them to create the most fantastic party ever that folks still talk about. The pictures we got are so hilarious, and we have posted them in various ways to help the fun continue. My bestie even made some memes with a couple of them because they are just so darned funny that she had to share them with the world.

While our crazy time might not go viral, we are all still enjoying looking at the pictures that were taken in the photo booth that we hired as a part of the event and celebration. We included various things, including the fact that we are both employed in the computer industry to help make some fun that was a little goofy but right on the line for our friends and us.

In fact, I recommend that everyone consider using this photo booth rental Michigan. If you have something that you can make a good theme out of, the pictures that are taken can be amazing. The photo of my father in law dressed up like a baby new year as part of the recognition of our kids was too funny to be believed! My mother in law even used it for their summer holiday cards to share with the folks in our family who were not able to make it into town for the event.

Of course, I sure am glad that I called ahead of time. We started planning the bash right after our ninth anniversary, so I had plenty of time to get everything just right. I didn’t realize how in demand these things are. I found out that if I would have waited another couple of months from when I secured the contract that I might not have been able to get one.

Although summer is a busy time, these are famous for parties throughout the year. I am so glad that my sister suggested that we add it to the list of festivities for our guests to enjoy. It turned out that the photo booth was one of the biggest hits of our party. Please check out the Facebook – Photo booth for awesome stories.

These pictures are so funny; I have to put them on my humorous website so I can see them all together and others can too. Why not share the great fun that we had with our friends and family!


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