Until recently, people interested in practicing the profession of real estate broker had to demonstrate considerable knowledge – it was necessary to pass the exam and obtain a license. After deregulation, access to this profession is much easier. If you are thinking about doing the job of a real estate agent, check what your duties will be and how much you will earn.

What is the job of a real estate agent?

In practice, the scope of the real estate agent’s duties includes, among others:

  • developing and presenting offers for sale or rent (e.g. on websites)
  • presenting real estate to clients
  • obtaining sales, rental offers etc. (direct and telephone)
  • preparing transactions and negotiating their terms
  • active customer acquisition and building lasting relationships with them
  • analysis of the real estate market and competition activities
  • forecasting price increases and decreases on the real estate market, which is especially important for clients who buy real estate for investment purposes
  • advising clients.
real estate agent job

Real estate broker qualifications

It is not always necessary to have a specialized education or obtain a state license to practice this profession. However, this does not mean that everyone will achieve success in this industry.

We are observing an increase in interest in the work of an agent – from now on, virtually anyone can start a career in the sale or rental market. We should remember, however, that a good broker must not only contact clients, but also freely navigate the world of legal regulations, and at the same time process a large amount of data from various fields.

Who is suitable as a real estate broker

A real estate agent should, above all, easily make contact. The manner of conducting conversations with potential clients is important because it has a direct impact on the amount of remuneration. It is particularly important for the broker to be interested in their clients’ offers, even if they do not meet their requirements in 100%.

Real estate professionals should think about remaining a real estate broker. This is important because it is characterized by high volatility – realtors must skillfully use periods in which customer interest in real estate is high.

Additional requirements

Every real estate agent, before starting work, should mandatorily take out liability insurance against the consequences of damage that may occur during the performance of professional duties. Brokers are also required to have full legal capacity as well as a criminal record certificate.

The pre-deregulation requirements (e.g. field education and apprenticeship) are now abolished. Due to the need for frequent trips, most real estate agencies also require a driver’s license from their employees.



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