Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers

Though it snowed this morning (why God???), I am hopeful that springtime and sunshine is around the corner which makes me want to incorporate more punchy colors into my space, as well as my wardrobe. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do that is through pillows. Pottery Barn has really upped their game lately and gotten onto the refined boho ethnic train and I am all about it. Here are some of my favorite pillow covers from Pottery Barn’s new spring collection:

This watercolor stripe pillow cover has the painterly feel I love and is a pretty cute knockoff of a $525 Madeline Weinrib pillow.

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

The popular wedding blanket pillow cover now comes in navy, and I think it would add a lot of great texture to an already navy-and-white pillow collection or on its own on a bench or window seat.

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

These diamond ikat bolsters would look great against both solid white and patterned bedding.

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

I love the colors and cheery pattern in these Natalie pillow covers.

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

This pom-pom stripe pillow cover is really fun and would add a lot of warmth and youth to an otherwise buttoned-up space.

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

The punchy tangerine color of this Andrea print pillow cover is just yummy. A lot of ikat prints out there can be a miss but this one is perfect. Again, another totally great knockoff of a $525 Madeline Weinrib pillow.

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

These Sloane ikat lumbars just makes me happy and would look great on a neutral linen armchair, with a tropical cocktail in hand. :)

Pottery Barn Spring 2015 Pillow Covers - Peaches & Cake

Tip: when stuffing a square pillow, I like to go two inches larger for the pillow insert. For example, if I’m using a 20″x20″ cover, I like to stuff it with a 22″x22″ down pillow insert to give it extra plumpness and oomph.


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