Off to France

spring in paris

We are off today to spend some time in Paris and the south of France and I am SO excited. You can follow along our travels on my Instagram @megopel.

Au revoir!

mint chip

Ice cream recipes I want to try.

Today is my birthday, and while most people are big believers of cake on your birthday, I like to indulge in ice cream. Now that the weather is warming up, I'm ready to whip out my ice cream maker (just inherited an electric one from my mom and it has changed my ice cream-making world). Aside from … Read More

susan greenleaf - antique white square back cane chairs upholstered in light blue leather with nailhead trim

Colored Leather Chairs and Barstools

Since having a baby, I've realized how important it is to have resiliency in your furnishings. I keep coming across rooms I love with with colored leather upholstered chairs and barstools and I just think they are genius and chic. Unlike a fabric-covered chair its spills would wipe up easily, and … Read More


I am not invincible.

My poor little bubba and I are sick right now with a viral infection. It all started after going to a Mommy and Me class at the library last Tuesday, where there were a million babies running around putting things in their mouth, my own included. It took a day to manifest itself, and the following … Read More

ikea hemnes nightstand with anthropologie knob

My Favorite Products from IKEA

When I'm looking for clean, basic budget-friendly white pieces that I can accessorize with other items, I always look to IKEA first. Here are some of my favorite products from IKEA that I've used in my home: HEMNES Nightstand $69.99 - This is such a cute and sturdy little nightstand. I hacked … Read More

black and white floors

Black and White Checkerboard Floors

Every time I see a room with black and white checkerboard floors, I just smile. I think I innately associate them with happy memories because my parents have a checkerboard floor in their garage in LA where we would always throw parties growing up, and we had a checkerboard dance floor installed in … Read More

2015-02-23 10.25.06

Baby-Led Weaning, Spoon Feeding, and Breastfeeding Update

I got a lot of good response from my last post on feeding Oliver so I thought I'd post an update. Like I mentioned before, we are doing a "mix" of baby-led weaning and spoon feeding. Sometimes I let him pick up and gnaw on pieces of food, and sometimes I mash food up and spoon feed it to him, or … Read More


DIY Blue and White Antique China Gallery Wall

A few weeks ago I talked about displaying my collected blue and white china plates in a gallery wall. Now that my dining room walls are painted, I finally got around to doing it! I used these disc plate hangers, then mapped out the arrangement on the floor and played musical chairs until it felt … Read More

2015-02-19 18.28.43

Chicken Antipasto Salad

In the spirit of my intention to make food in bulk, I decided to make this chicken antipasto salad which makes a huge bowl. It's great because it can be made ahead of time and does not need to be served hot to be delicious. It tastes even better than those antipasto salads you often find at Italian … Read More

2015-02-14 18.13.37

Dining Room Update Project: Progress Post 1

Over the weekend, we embarked on our dining room update project, and boy was it a learning experience. Like I mentioned before, we had originally planned on creating a chair rail 3 feet up the wall, so taped the wall and only painted above that point. So up the navy paint went (full crossover … Read More

2015-01-30 11.04.35

DIY Pressed Flower Petal Art

Today we're throwing it back to 1994. Remember when you used to press flower petals in between your social studies textbooks in third grade? Well I'm bringing it back. A few weekends ago I had some girlfriends over for brunch and they brought me the most beautiful bouquet of tulips. I rarely … Read More

2015-02-05 15.09.59

Dining Room Update Project

After living with creamy white walls in my dining room for a year (Benjamin Moore Cloud White), I've grown tired of them. I think they look flat, yellowish, and tad bit boring (just in this room though, I love this white in other rooms). It's time to spice things up. My chandelier and accessories … Read More

chocolate covered strawberries

Fruity Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas (That Aren’t Too Complicated)

It's our tradition for Valentine's Day for hubby to make dinner while I make dessert. In my pre-baby years, I would have slaved for days over something like tiramisu with imported Italian ladyfingers and grassfed mascarpone or organic sun-ripened strawberry balsamic ice cream, but as they say, … Read More