Beautiful Buffets

I am a huge believer in serving food in a buffet over a plated dinner.

Beautiful Buffets - wedding

It allows people to pick and choose what they want and not feel pressured to eat anything they may not like. Plus, guests can go back for seconds if they so please.

Beautiful Buffets - Burger Bar

These photos from my Pinterest Parties Board provide some great inspiration for my next buffet.

Beautiful Buffets - cocktail party

I love how the food items are arranged in different heights on matching serveware and cake plates, whether they be all white , all wood, or all blue. This creates visual interest and makes even the simplest of food look more elegant.

Beautiful Buffets - rustic cocktail table

Remember, cake plates are not just for cake! If you don’t have any cake plates, try turning a sturdy bowl over on its side and placing a platter on top of it.

All images via Pinterest.


  • Vinu Nair

    Thank you for sharing, they are indeed beautiful buffets. I love making choices when it comes to food and a buffet allows for that. You forgot to post a picture of an Indian Buffet, however I am not angry with you :)

    • Meg @ Peaches & Cake