James’ Birth Story

Well well well. James is 3 months old this week so I guess I’m due for an update! Blogging has understandably taken a back seat with the craziness of raising two small boys but I wanted to quickly share his birth story.

Our sweet baby James Kerr was born on Friday, May 20th at 9:36pm weighing 8lbs, 6 oz. My due date was on 5/16 so I was a few days late and starting to get anxious. I went in for a followup appointment on Friday morning at 11:30am, and at that point I was starting to believe that my due date was miscalculated and that I wasn’t going to deliver until the following week. I felt like I was twiddling my thumbs all week so I had made plans to meet with a client and go to the grocery store after my appointment.

To my surprise, my doctor checked me and was thrilled to find that I was 4cm dilated and told me that I would probably go into labor that night. He told me to cancel any plans I had that afternoon, drive straight home, pack my bags, and call him at the sign of the first contraction. I have a history of a precipitous labor, so he knew this one was going to be even faster. I canceled my client meeting, drove home, put my hospital snack bag together (life rule: never go to a hospital without snacks!!), dried my hair (loved having the time to do this hah!), and then rested in bed with my pup while my mother-in-law took Oliver to the park. I knew I would need the energy reserve if it was going to be a long night ahead of us.

waiting to go into labor with Miss Nellie!

waiting to go into labor with Miss Nellie!

I still felt NOTHING, and by this point my husband had arrived home early from work and was taking a nap, so I threw on my flip flops and did circles around the block to try to get things moving. I came back home and still felt nothing, and it had now been several hours since my prenatal appointment. I was sitting on the couch watching Fixer Upper when my doctor called me personally (!) and told me to just come in even though I wasn’t feeling any contractions because he didn’t want me to be delivering in the car!

So after a little hemming and hawing, we loaded up the car and drove through Friday night traffic in Oak Park to get to West Suburban Hospital. Meanwhile, I was experiencing no pain. It was a completely different experience than my last labor, when it was pouring rain at 3:30 in the morning and I was moaning in active labor. So it’s safe to say I was VERY grateful to be able to drive over the bumps in the road and not be in agony. :)

Photo May 20, 6 02 46 PM

on our way into the hospital. No pain yet!

Our entire stay at the hospital was such a controlled, pleasant experience. We checked into triage at around 6:30 pm and met with my doctor (again, I was completely in control at this point), and at this point I was at 6cm so they admitted me. Turns out I WAS having contractions, they just weren’t painful (yet). They moved me to my labor and delivery room where I got set up with my nurse. At around 8:30, my doctor broke my water, and it was after this point that I actually started to feel the contractions, which were uncomfortable but still bearable. I wanted to see if I could continue with the labor without getting an epidural because I did ok without one last time, so I requested that the paperwork to conduct one be set up if I did want one. After an hour of contractions, I was writhing in extreme pain and started to go to the “dark side” of my brain. While my husband was there comforting me, I still felt helpless and scared that I wouldn’t be able to endure it any longer if the labor was going to last until midnight. So a little before 9:30 I had my husband run to get the doctor and nurse in hopes that I could get an epidural. But big surprise, my doctor checked me and I was 9.5cm and ready to push! I was relieved that the process was going to be over soon (only an hour of the painful part!) and we got ready to push. I did two sets of pushes and out came little James! He looked like a cute purple slimy jellyfish when he came out. I held him above me for a second after he came out and felt an immediate wave of relief when I counted ten fingers and ten toes and no disfiguring marks on him. He was perfect! I laid him on my chest and he started to make his first sounds. Mama heaven!

He’s been an incredibly easy baby so far. He sleeps like a champ, only cries when he’s hungry or has to burp, and loves to smile. He is the spitting image of my husband which makes me so happy. He lost a lot of weight his second month which freaked me out made me put all other things in life including my design projects on the backburner. Thankfully, he gained all the weight back and then some (13lbs 9 oz today!) because I have been force-feeding him like mad. This summer has been busy but fun with trips back and forth from the lake house, changing diapers 900 times a day, trips to the park, watching a lot of Cars with Oliver while I feed James on the couch, and keeping up with clients when I can. So I’m generally just trying to keep my head above water but life is good. It’s so easy to get lost in the craziness of the day to day that I often forget to take in the moment and relish in their little-ness, because they are only this small for so long. Time please slow down!

Photo May 20, 5 22 44 PM Photo May 20, 6 53 14 PM Photo May 20, 6 55 27 PM
Photo May 21, 8 36 15 AM Photo May 21, 9 52 07 AM (2)


My amazing doctor enjoying the cookies I made for the staff!

Photo May 21, 9 53 21 AM

my super duper mother-in-law to the rescue!


My little brother who also came to the rescue!

Photo May 20, 7 27 55 PM


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